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Peromatto is a contemporary hand block printing workshop.

Our roots sink in the italian age-old tradition of hand-block printing fabrics and branch into
innovative and sustainable processes. We believe in the intrinsic quality of hand-making
our products, in the uniqueness of each creation and the necessary time
to create these with true artistry.

The artistic expression of artisanship

‘Every block is unique, as is every composition.
Artisanship and art have never been so close.’ 

Gianluca Craca

The creations

Attention to detail, the unicity of each piece and an intrinsically slow process represent the fundamental values of Peromatto. Every canvas tells a story, because everything, from the design of the wooden block, the dye of the fabric to its printing is handmade and created by mixing tradition and inventiveness.


Our inspiration

A seed, a leaf, a rock, a root.
The inspiration for our creations comes from closely observing
the natural morphologies around us. From these, we create
abstractions and compositions of geometries, forms and lines
that reverberate in the surrounding environment.


Our land

“The rhythm of life and the richness of its uncontaminated nature makes this region a place of unique harmony,
which is a constant source of inspiration for us, both in beauty and ethically.”

Giulia Serafini

The method 'Peromatto'

We create artisanal products through an innovative technical and creative approach. We inherit the region’s traditional methods based on the creative sensibility and manual ability of the artisan.
Every block is individually dipped into the dye and hand pressed on the canvas with the help of a mallet.

To be able to reproduce the drawings we design free-hand on paper, the printing blocks are laser-cut. Artistry and technology come together to obtain innovative results.

"Pero-matto" : wild pear tree

‘Wild’ is the term with which spontaneous fruits and plants are called.
Differently from common plants, they distinguish themselves for their uniqueness, adaptability and resilience.  

Antonio Bandini


Our intent is to create quality everyday textiles that respect
the natural environment and enhance the domestic one.

The dyes we use are natural and the creation of our products
have a low environmental impact. Rust and indigo are our main colours,
our fabrics are certified and of natural origin like hemp, nettle, organic cotton and linen.

The printing blocks are made from recycled linoleum from industries,
a material composed of natural sources as linseed oil, pine rosin and ground cork dust.

Workshop & Education

We organize workshops, demonstrations,
and seminars open to schools and cultural associations.

Every participant is involved informative sessions
of drawing, printmaking and natural dyeing.


Peromatto is situated in Santa Sofia, a town of extraordinary beauty
in the heart of Italy’s interior and on the border of the Casentino forests.


C. +39 375 53 24 020
E. info@peromatto.com


Viale Roma 3
Santa Sofia, FC 47018
Partita IVA: 04376960409


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Dove trovarci

It is possible to find our products at our printshop.
You are more than welcome to visit us and see in person the printing
process and to have a preview of our latest creations!


If you are interested in reselling out products
get in touch at the email address: info@peromatto.com


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